The Rainy Lake Conservancy (RLC)  is a registered Canadian charity. Since 1999 RLC has worked with property owners, local communities and other organizations to encourage conservation in the Rainy Lake Watershed.  We are a science-based organization, contributing to valuable scientific research projects on both sides of the international border.  RLC also promotes good shoreline stewardship. We have taken a leadership role in conservation through participation in the Boreal West Round Tables which resulted in the establishment of Conservation Reserves on selected Rainy Lake islands and  through facilitating Conservation Easements and land donations by Rainy Lake property owners. 


Since the early 1900s, Canadians and Americans have worked together to preserve Rainy Lake’s natural beauty, clean water, abundant plant and wildlife and its rich history. It is a precious place in a world where forests and clean lakes are rapidly disappearing. 

The Rainy Lake Conservancy is proud to carry on this tradition into the 21st century. (Learn More)


Annual General Meeting August 2021



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